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In celeb latest news, Apryl Jones is not hiding the fact that her and Lil Fizz are a full couple. She even went to social media to blast it on camera. In a recent video Apryl Jones confirms with Lil Fizz that it was okay for him to reveal himself from behind her camera. Apryl told viewers ” life is to be lived people”.  She also introduced their love to the world, “Pokemon”.

“I am dating. And … I’m not looking for anything. Imma say I’m not looking,” she told MadameNoire. “I just feel like … I am dating, and I’m open, and I feel like what I am hoping to experience is just a great exchange of energy with somebody that feels different, and I’ll know it when I feel it. But that’s just where I’m at with it. I’m not looking for anything.”

Omarion was asked in an interview about how he felt in regard to Lil Fizz and Apryl Jones becoming a couple. He stated ” She can do whatever she wants. She is a grown lady”. Secondly, he was asked is Apryl would come to the B2K concerts would that be okay. Omarion laughed the question off saying ” I don’t know about all of that”. – celeb latest news

Apryl Jones is not bothered by Omarion or Moniece Slaughter as she makes her return to Love and Hip Hop with her boo Lil Fizz.

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