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    Is there a vaccine for sexual harassment? Cuomos tweets get ratioed

    Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Twitter account is getting flooded with negative responses — providing the growing chorus calling for him to step down with a real-time illustration of why he cannot continue to govern while facing multiple criminal investigations and a state probe that revealed he sexually harassed 11 women.

    “You got some nerve acting like you didn’t just get called out for sexual misconduct,” Rory Vanderbeck wrote in response to a tweet Cuomo’s official account sent on Tuesday about updated vaccination numbers shortly after the scandal broke. 

    “Could we get a percentage of staffers who have been sexually harassed by you?” James Simpson added, referencing the percent of adults who received the COVID-19 jab highlighted in Cuomo’s tweet. 

    “Is there a vaccine for sexual harassment b/c that should be made mandatory,” another quipped. 

    In a tweet about updated virus case counts and deaths, Twitter user J Silver Platinum responded: “Was one of the fatalities your political career”? 

    “The case count is almost as high as the amount of women you touched without their consent,” Gosuprime added. 

    Each day, Cuomo’s office sends out two tweets with updated COVID-19 and vaccination numbers and the missives typically receive an even balance of likes, retweets and comments but since Tuesday, they’ve been viciously “ratioed.” 

    On Twitter, a posting gets ratioed when it receives a large number of responses that are higher than the number of likes it gets, which typically signals a controversial or unpopular message, or in Cuomo’s case, a now wildly unpopular person.

    The Tuesday tweet his office sent about vaccination numbers after the scandal made headlines received about 900 likes but more than 2,200 responses, many of them negative. 

    The message the office tweeted about updated COVID-19 numbers similarly got about 800 likes and more than 1,000 responses, the tweets show. 

    New York State Senator Gustavo Rivera
    New York State Senator Gustavo Rivera claimed that the negative reception on Twitter proves Cuomo can’t govern his state.
    AP Photo/Brittainy Newman

    By contrast, the same tweets his office sent on Monday before the news was announced by Attorney General Letitia James garnered about 500-600 likes and less than 200 responses each. 

    State Sen. Gustavo Rivera (D-Bronx) said the responses highlight Cuomo’s “complete inability to govern.” 

    “He certainly hasn’t had the trust of many folks in the legislature for months now,” Rivera told The Post. 

    “This is par for the course for him and his administration. They act like nothing has happened!” he continued in reference to the business as usual approach his social media account has taken. 

    “But I do think it’s coming to an end soon.”

    Since the scandal broke Tuesday, Cuomo has lost support from a slew of Democratic powerhouses and longtime allies, including President Biden and four neighboring northeast governors who all said he needed to resign.

    Labor unions have turned their backs on the third-term governor, district attorneys in Manhattan, Albany and Westchester are investigating potential criminal charges and a host of Albany allies, including Speaker Carl Heastie, have said it’s time to go.

    Erica Vladimer, the co-founder of the Sexual Harassment Working Group, told The Post Cuomo is relying on a tactic he has long employed: ride out the storm while acting like nothing has happened.

    “Cuomo is trying to ride this out as he has done before but people aren’t going to let him,” Vladimer said of the denizens who’ve turned against him. 

    “This is only thing he knows how to do. He doesn’t want to take accountability for his actions…. It’s par for the course for someone who doesn’t want to take accountability.”

    Many of the tweets were from one-time supporters asking Cuomo to resign now that James’ probe revealed he sexually harassed a slew of former and current staffers, including a New York State trooper, by groping them and making inappropriate sexual comments. 

    “Thank you for standing tough against Covid19. We truly believe that without your strength & dedication in battling this awful virus, there’s no telling how many more NYers would have been lost. That said, sexual misconduct must never be tolerated & we call on you to resign,” @Dyke67ny wrote. 

    “I appreciated the way you handled the Pandemic last year. However ANY man that violates a woman, speaks inappropriately & harasses a woman MUST SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES AND BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE,” @behr_lisa tweeted. 

    After reviewing hundreds of the responses, it appears some of the only fans Cuomo has left are in southern states like Louisiana, Texas and Florida where COVID-19 cases are skyrocketing and news of his sexual harassment are far from television screens.

    “This is all a set up Andrew im on your side half the people from san antonio texas is… on your side,” Veronica Encina wrote in support. 

    “Thank you for doing a great job for your state… I’m in Florida so I know what incompetence looks like! #DeathSantis,” June Sabo added. 

    “Myself and all my friends and family have been staying home for two weekend[s] And we’re all vaccinated. Please don’t resign,  fight!” 

    Additional reporting by Bernadette Hogan and Carl Campanile

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