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    Jada Pinkett Smith’s Birthday Video with Toni Braxton and MC Lyte Derails When Fans Say They Look Alike

    Jada Pinkett Smith‘s birthday video including Toni Braxton and MC Lyte had fans doing a triple take on Sunday, Sept. 19, after they realized how similar the three women look.

    Pinkett Smith, Braxton and Lyte came together to commemorate the actress’ 50th birthday at her roller rink-themed party. The video initially shared by Braxton showcased the women skating along to Zhane’s “Hey Mr. D.J.” The singer captioned the post, “Hanging out at @jadapinkettsmith’s rolling rink! Happy Birthday Sis!”

    Jada Pinkett Smith (center) brought in her 50th birthday by having a roller rink- themed party with family and friends including MC Lyte (left) and Toni Braxton (right). Photo:@tonibraxton/Instagram

    Lyte immediately followed suit by reposting the same video on her respective Instagram account. She wrote, “Happy 50th to my soul sister!! The best years are yet to come!!💗🙏🏽✨@jadapinkettsmith Me and @tonibraxton celebrating all weekend with ya!!🚀

    Some other guests who attended the birthday bash included Jordyn Woods, Karl Anthony-Towns, Lauren London and Debbie Allen as well as Pinkett Smith’s family, with the exception of Willow Smith. The 20-year-old was performing at the Life Is Beautiful Festival in Las Vegas.

    When fans viewed Braxton’s recording, a handful of them pointed out the resemblance between the three women. One even claimed the sole reason why Pinkett Smith, Braxton and Lyte favored each other so much was because of their short hairdos.

    “Y’all look like triplets! 😂😍.”

    “I was trying to figure out who was who 😂.”

    “Y’all look alike right here lol🔥🔥❤️💙.”

    “How do all 3 of y’all look alike- it’s the hair cuts for Me- beautiful Queens 👑👑👑💐.”

    In addition to the comparison remarks, others stated how the women’s bond would make for friendship goals. One wrote, “This is too much black girl magic hot sauce ,🔥🔥🔥ladies you are killing us.” Another said, “Wait wait wait one minute…. you have toni braxton, jada pinkett, and Mc Lyte hanging and banging together… that’s 🔥🔥” An Instagram user expressed, “Toni, McLyte, and Jada = best friend goals!”

    Prior to Pinkett Smith’s big day, she disclosed the one lesson she has applied to her life while reflecting on her transformation journey. She said while recounting a conversation with friend Jimmy Iovine, “He said, ‘You know what I’m done with Jada? Convincing people.’ I said, ‘You know what, Jimmy? I’m about to steal all of that because I’m done with that, too.’ “

    She added, “I’m done with convincing people. I just feel like women taking back our power, in any form that you need to, to just be done with the convincing.The convincing of people that you’re smart enough, that you’re pretty enough, to convincing people that you’re worthy.”

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