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    Jamie Lee Curtis, Gal Gadot Respond – The Music news

    Celebrities like Jamie Lee Curtis, Gal Gadot, Amy Schumer and Guy Oseary took to social media to share their sympathies for Israel after Hamas militants launched land and air strikes on the Gaza Strip early Saturday morning.

    Israeli media, citing rescue service officials, said at least 250 people were killed and 1,500 wounded, making it the deadliest attack in Israel in decades, the Associated Press reported Saturday afternoon.

    Gadot, who has spoken out in support of Israel in the past, posted a screenshot of a news story that stated that Israeli soldiers and civilians had been taken hostage by militants. In the caption, she wrote that “at least 250 Israeli have been murdered and dozens of women children and elders held as hostages in Gaza, by Palestinian military group Hamas.”

    She continued, “Starting early morning more than 3,000 rockets were fire. Hamas is holding hostages, controlling bases and settlements in Israel. There have been more than 1,500 injured and heavy fighting is still ongoing. ‘I hear their voices and they are banging on the door. I am with my two little children.’ My heart is aching.”

    In his own lengthy post about Israel, longtime manager Oseary wrote that Hamas told anyone who has a gun or any weapon to get it out and use it because “today the best and most honorable history starts.” He shared a video of a young woman named Noa who was at a music festival when she was shot at and kidnapped.

    “This is horrific.. these murders are being celebrated by the government/regime in Iran,” he wrote in the caption. “Many women, children and elderly are being taken from their homes and kidnapped. I have always prayed for peace. ALWAYS. I have always spoken up for my Jewish community and have also spoken up for my Arab brothers and sisters. I have no words today. Only heartbreak. Only tears.”

    Curtis and Schumer reposted Oseary’s post and added some of their own words, with the Everything Everywhere All at Once star sharing, “My hands in yours.” She also posted an image of scared children, captioned “terror skies.”

    “Jewish people are the only group not allowed to defend themselves,” Schumer wrote below Oseary’s caption. “This has nothing to do with the occupation. Hamas don’t want end to occupation. They want to eradicate Israel. They’re funded by Iran, who are trying to destroy the peace deal.”

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