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    With all the available technology and apps in the world why not invent one thay will end a huge epidemic, hunger. Jasmine Crowe did just that. The business boss has a history of money moves.
    She is a former millitary kid who earned her bachelor’s degree from North Carolina Central University in Durham, North Carolina, before joining her family in Phoenix, where they eventually settled, also obtained her master’s degree in nonprofit management from Arizona State University.

    In 2016, she partnered with Kim Anderson former Miss Black Arizona pagaent Queen. The two created the national Little Miss Black U.S. Pageant after hosting a state version in Arizona. This foray into the world of young pageantry led to a four-episode spin-off of the Toddlers & Tiaras brand called, “Little Miss Atlanta.”

    Jasmine is also the founder of Black Celebrity Giving. This media platform was founded in 2011 giving shine on black celebrity philanthropists and community organizations. Crowe’s site showcases goodwill and positive doings in the black communities around the world.

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    She didnt stop there. Jasmine Crowe became the talk of the tech community with rumors buzzing around town that a woman was developing an app that would provide food to low income families.
    Several blog spots were spreading the word including, Blavity, and The Huffington Post.

    According to The Atlanta Voice, Four weeks ago, in a crowded auditorium at the Rialto Center for the Arts, Crowe gave her first TEDx talk, discussing in detail the topic of, “Hunger is a question of logistics; not scarcity.” In a few weeks, a stream of Crowe’s talk will be released to the public on YouTube.

    During Jasmine’s 20-minute presentation, she outlined the work she’s doing to fight hunger through Atlanta and the process for building a food waste management app in a tech space that isn’t exactly kind to women or in addressing issues of poverty.

    “I just believe that everyone deserves to eat,” Crowe said during a taping of a video segment with The Atlanta Voice. “I didn’t start researching food waste until 2016, and that’s when the idea for Goodr came to me.”

    The Goodr app works in real time to deliver unwanted food to families in need. When donating the client is supplied with money saving information and taxable explanations. The company has also partnered for an event with Future’s Free Wishes Foundation, for its annual Golden Wishes Holiday Gala, which will welcome 300-plus senior citizens from around the Atlanta metro area.
    Where does Jasmine get her passion from?
    She says her dad.
      “My dad inspired me to be the giver that I am,” she said. “I was always invested in spending time with him, doing things, and getting involved.”

    She added, “He taught me,’People don’t forget what you do for them.’”

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