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    Jason Sudeikis And Keeley Hazell Dating Rumors

    One new pair getting the rumor windmill-a-spinning is Jason Sudeikis and Keeley Hazell, and some people think it all has to do with the Golden Globes.

    So, why the Golden Globes? The Goldy Gs? The Oldy Globeys? Well, it’s because the background Jason sat by all night…

    NBC / Getty Images

    Side note: I sincerely hope no one actually calls the Golden Globes any of these things.

    …looks an awful lot like the same place Keeley posted a selfie from.

    I mean, not to be creepy…but c’mon.

    But that’s not all! Keeley was even spotted in the same hoodie Jason wore at the Globes.

    NBC / Getty Images

    His sister made the hoodie, in case you were wondering.

    FYI, Keeley is a British model who even has a role on Ted Lasso — aka Jason’s show.

    Jon Furniss / WireImage / Getty

    However, the pair apparently met on the set of Horrible Bosses 2 in the bygone era of 2014.

    John Shearer / Getty Images

    Roy Rochlin / FilmMagic / Getty

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