Jazmine Davis Puts Her Sole Into Luxury Shoes For Women


Jazmine Davis puts her sole into luxury shoes for women. Jazmine tells a story of enduring pain for pleasure when she decided to wear a cute pair of Manolos that caused pain to her feet. Changing the game of looking cute and being comfortable was not rocket science to Jazmine, as she is an everyday active scientist already. Her brains and love for fashion brought evolution to comfort and cute.

Jazmine Davis referred to her genius idea as Jazmine Kionna. Jazmine Kionna is a brand of high heel shoes that feature built-in insoles technology.

In her own words Jazmine states,

“I founded Jazmine Kionna because style should not be sacrificed for comfort! The catalyst for our creation came about during a shopping trip to Chicago. During this trip, I decided to use my small fortune saved up from my Summer internship in order to purchase my first official pair of designer heels. The sheer and utter bliss I felt was short lived when I finally slipped on a pair of designer shoes and the pain was unbearable! As an orphan at a young age due to the death of my parents, I was accustomed to working hard in order to live comfortably. What frustrated me was how hard I had to work to be able to afford something of quality only to have to sacrifice comfort. As my designer shoes collected dust, I graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University and entered the world of research and development for a Fortune 50 company. In this professional role, I saw firsthand what was needed to create a product. With some inspiration, I decided it was time to add comfort to style! I headed to New York where I learned the components of a high-heeled shoe and how critical the insole and last are to the comfort of high heels. Then, I sampled materials from various insole companies to find out what would provide maximum comfort through a survey. I created a variety of insoles at home and found my most valuable product. Next, I began reaching out to designers at The Universite des Chaussures of New Orleans where we crafted the first official prototype. We created five stylish pairs of shoes and began to work with a North American manufacturer on production.

Through my experiences and story, I created Jazmine Kionna to provide an alternative shoe option that is both affordable and comfortable! By utilizing my love for color blocking, print clashing, and texture mixing, we created a versatile shoe collection that is appropriate for any occasion. Jazmine Kionna, LLC is shaking up the industry by providing both comfortable and affordable heels that women can wear to work and for recreation!”

Jazmine Kionna has won the attention of many women like the famous Boss Babe who had worked with many celebrities and supporters like The Black Up Start.
The brand travels in pop up shops and can be ordered online. Jazmine has shown that money moves can be cute and comfy and relate-able to all women in Fashion.

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