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    Jeannie Mai Ig Photos of Her and Jeezy’s Baby Monaco is Breathtaking

    Jeannie Mai ig posts finally share baby Monaco with the world. When the couple announced their daughter’s birth fans couldn’t wait to see their adorable bundle of joy.

    On Thursday the Real Daytime co-host sat next to her momma Mai as a mom of her daughter Mai-jenkins.

    On her latest YouTube of “Hello Hunnay”, she said, “I feel like I’m ready,” Mai said to her online fam. “It’s time to share the most amazing, exciting, newest member of our ‘Hello Hunnay’ family. For the first time ever: Monaco.”

    In the video 5-month-old Monaco coordinated with her granddaughter in leopard and a golden headwrap.

    Prior to Monaco’s appearance on Jeannie Mai ig, the 43-year-old wife and mom shared some bts of the life of a new mom. One of her most relatable post talked about breast feeding.

    “Been tackling this breastfeeding thing for two months. Listening to a lactation nurse, reading advise online, and getting so much help from other moms.”

    As she introduced her baby girl to the world, she cried in nervousness. “it’s time to share the most amazing, exciting, newest member of our Hello Hunnay family, Monaco”.

    “Oh my god I’m really nervous. I think like online is so mean. I’m really scared”. “Please excuse the nerves, but I,ve been like this for the past 5 months”.

    Jeannie Mai opened up about postpartum anxiety as well as the happiness yet fear of sharing her baby with the world. So many parents could relate.

    “I think this is what I was going through for the last five months… it’s such a weird combination between being so excited about something but knowing that the world is a really mean place sometimes,” she continued. “I can protect myself, I can block y’all, I can ignore the comments, but you can’t do that with a baby. So this is why it was so hard to get to this place.”

    One person commented saying, Such an honest vulnerable but beautiful moment Jeannie! Thank you for sharing this. Monaco is perfect. 

    Another person said, why am I crying?! I was so OK with not seeing her cause I know it gives you anxiety but I’m so happy you introduced us! She’s PRECIOUS! Monaco, God bless you baby!

    Monaco Mai Jenkins now has her own IG already consisting of over 88k fans. Since her mom and father’s style is always on point, we are sure many can’t wait to go on the journey of fashion, fun, and life with baby Mai.

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