Jess hilarious ponytail has the whole world talking, laughing, and questioning.

Jess Hilarious posted a video recently on why she isn’t a fan of scissor hand salons. In her video she had no shame of her itty bitty ponytail, but when critics saw it they looked besides the point of her video and decided to roast.

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This totally reminded us of the one video about the black girl ponytail by Nicole Tv. Jess Hilarious and Nicole Tv brought us back to the days when ponytail fans were popping, and if you were really gangsta enough you had a lolly pop in the middle.
Because black women have so many textures of hair the black girl ponytail is a it topic amongst the black community. Do you can it? How good it you slick it down? Or Is it even? This can be comical but true!

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