Jesse Williams Ordered To Appear For In-Person Deposition Despite COVID Fears


Jesse Williams has been ordered to appear in person for a deposition in a legal battle— despite him his fears of becoming sick, has learned.

According to court documents obtained by, a judge ordered the Grey’s Anatomy star to have 60 days to appear for the depo.

As first reported, Williams was sued by a woman named Paula Bruce over a January 2020 car crash. She said the actor smashed his Porsche into her Mercedes, causing severe damage.

Bruce claimed William fled the scene after saying his name was August Moon (the name of his company) not Jesse Williams. The actor denied he fled the scene and said he exchanged information with the woman.

Williams said he left the scene after his assistant arrived at the scene. Days later, he said he called Bruce to check on her and she said she was fine. However, he later learned that Bruce demanded $1.6 million from his lawyer over a “hit-and-run.” Bruce said she suffered emotional distress from the ordeal and hasn’t been able to work.

He called Bruce’s demand a “blatant attempt” at extortion.

For months, the parties have been fighting over Williams being deposed in the case. Back in October, he pleaded with the judge to not force him to sit for an in-person deposition.

Williams said he feared catching COVID. The actor has been starring in the Broadway play Take Me Out in New York, which ends its run in June.

Bruce objected to the request claiming photos showed Williams out and about on the town despite his alleged COVID concerns. She promised to follow all safety protocols during the deposition. Bruce’s attorney wrote, “time is of the essence.”

A hearing was held on March 23 and the judge sided with Bruce. In addition, Williams was ordered to produce text messages related to the crash, “all documents related to insurance coverage,” and even “floral receipt regarding flowers sent by [Williams] to [Bruce] following the crash.”

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