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    Jhené Aiko Serves Alleged Stalker With Restraining Order After Man Allegedly Breaks into Her Home

    Jhené Aiko’s attempt to secure a permanent restraining order against an alleged stalker who broke into her home and fought her security guard received an assist from the Los Angeles Police Department, has learned.

    According to court documents, on August 30, an LAPD Detective tracked down Ian Lees at the Los Angeles County Jail and served him with Aiko’s petition seeking protection.

    The step was required by the court before Aiko’s plea for a long-term order could be heard.

    Lees has been behind bars since August 18 following the incident at Aiko’s pad. He is being held on a $150k bond. His next court date is scheduled for this week.

    As previously reported, last month, Aiko pleaded with the court for a temporary restraining order against the 29-year-old man. She claimed he had broken into the home she shares with her boyfriend Big Sean and their newborn.

    The entertainer asked for a court order barring Lees from coming within 100 yards away of her, her 14-year-old daughter Namiko, her newborn son Noah, and her boyfriend.

    Aiko also asked that he not be allowed to communicate with her in any form. The singer labeled Lees was a “stalker” who she did “not know” personally.

    Her lawyer said, “The clients are fearing for their lives, the suspect has come to concerts, events, and their personal home trying to make contact with them which led to a physical altercation with residential security and the suspect eventually breaching the security post.”

    “He was eventually caught on the client’s property after breaching the physical home,” the lawyer added.

    Lees was charged with 1 count of stocking and 1 count of burglary following the incident.

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