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    Jill Scott divorced after 15 months, what was the problem? According to files her husband. Mike Dobson says she was too emasculating. Jill Scott apparently comes from a family of dominant women. Her ex went on to say she is a evil women. Jill Scott wants what Jill Scott wants, and there are too many people in her ear. Her husband then said that he told her she has met her match, and he could not be controlled.

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    Jill Scott recently posted a pic of her new song with Big K.R.I.T, not sure if this was an insinuation but let’s take a look at the title capture. Wondering if forever just seemed like a mighty long time to Jill Scott. After all it’s Jill Scott she isn’t allowing anyone to be “Getting in The Way of What She’s Feeling”.
    Hopefully, we just won’t see her posting teary videos like Tyrese. No shade all chill.

    Jill Scott and Mike Dobson

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