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    John Travolta Working To End Priscilla Presley & Riley Keough’s Feud Over Lisa Marie’s $35 Million Trust: Sources

    As previously reported, 77-year-old Priscilla and 33-year-old Riley have become estranged as they fight for power.

    Weeks after Lisa Marie’s death, Priscilla rushed to court demanding she is named co-trustee of her late daughter’s trust. She claimed Lisa Marie had appointed her and her ex-manager Barry Siegel as heads of the trust.

    As we first reported, Lisa Marie died with $3-$4 million in debt but had life insurance policies totaling $35 million. The beneficiaries of Lisa Marie’s estate are Riley and her younger twins, Harper and Finley.

    Priscilla demanded an alleged 2016 amendment to the trust not be enforced. The amendment removed Priscilla as co-trustee and placed Riley in full control.

    Sources claim Riley has become upset with her “cruel” grandmother’s moves for power. Another insider said the actress is not pleased Priscilla has become close with Lisa Marie’s ex-husband Michael Lockwood, who is the father to the twins.

    Riley has yet to respond in court.

    Sources claimed Travolta has been calling for a truce between Priscilla and Riley. “John has been a part of the family for going on 50 years and he wants to be a peacemaker,” said the insider.

    “Lisa Marie’s death was tragic enough without having it tear the family apart!” the source added. After meeting Priscilla in 1975, John mentored her as she joined the Church of Scientology two years later – and the two were also briefly romantically linked, sources claimed.

    Lisa Marie always considered the Grease icon part of the family — even after she left the controversial religion in 2012.

    The insider said Travolta feels “like it’s his duty” to fix the family drama. “John has been on the phone with Riley, on the phone with Priscilla, not only talking about Lisa Marie, but what she would have wanted.”

    “He knows things were frosty between Priscilla and Lisa Marie at the end, but he tells the surviving Presley women they need each other to get through these dark times,” said the source.

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