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    Jordan Turpin reflects on her experience with new brand ‘Braveness’

    When Turpin first escaped, she didn’t know what the outside world was all about. Today, she says she is grateful.

    This Thanksgiving, Turpin looks to represent hope and inspiration because now she has the opportunity to help people in the way she was once helped so many years ago.

    Now 23-years-old, Turpin recalls her experience growing up in what news outlets called the “House of Horrors.” She says her desire to save her siblings is what motivated her to run for help that day.

    Turpin’s life looks vastly different today. She has dreams of becoming an author, a model, an actress and a motivational speaker. But today, Turpin is focusing on her new brand “Braveness.

    “I know that this happened to me for a reason,” said Turpin, “I know I can make a big difference in this world.”


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