Jordyn Woods Partners with Boo Hoo and Gives Back with Dr Kam DDS

Jordyn Woods may have been the downfall to the partnership with the Kardashians, but the Heir Jordyn is wasting no time climbing back up on her own.

Lately, Jordyn too to social media to inspire others by giving them a chance to win some dentistry work. The contest winner was a survivor of  a car crash. On Instagram Jordyn shared that she was so blessed and happy to be able to share this moment with fans. She continues to say, after getting hr smile make over she realized that she would love to be able to give the same experience to someone else.

Furthermore, Jordyn Woods is wasting no time telling her truth about her downfall with the Kardashians. On Monday her story will air on Entertainment Tonight.

Jordyn Woods is handling public drama and yet still rising. The fashionista announced the she has also picked up a deal with Boo Hoo that will be out in 2 days.


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