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    Justin Timberlake reminded America of why he was the break out star from NSYNC. JT’s interludes were so seemless and reminiscent of the early 2000’s in a futuristic kind of feel. Justin has always made futuristic music and music that all ages can jam to.

    Nothing stood out more than his tribute to Prince. A moment when real recognized real. JT’s recognition of Prince in his hometown with “I Would Die For You” made his performance more memorable.
    Despite his riveting performance Justin Timberlake critics still can’t father the thought of Janet Jackson nip slip incident being soley Janet’s fault. Janet fans were upset that Timberlake performed and have not admitted to blame of the 2004 incident. Justine Timberlake segued into “Rock Your Body” the song he performed during the nip slip,when coming close to the lyrics “Bet I’ll have you naked by the end of this song ” JT yelled “Hold Up”. Some took it as respect for what happened in 2004’s incident, and some took it as disrespect and feeling Justin had no rights to perform.
    While Justin and Janet both agreed not to perform togeth, neither agreed never to perform at the Superbowl again. Janet’s fans would love to see her again.

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