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    K Michelle addresses the critics saying that her new single Kim K is all about trash talking Kim. The chorus of the song hits the note of the Kardashians being prevalent in the black community, with fame and relationships, however the majority of the Kardashian culture from hair to lingo to music is of African American decent.
    Wish I could be a Kardashian so I could be black
    They ask if it’s real, I say it’s real fat
    Don’t get caught up in facts ’cause ain’t shit real
    And ain’t shit funny, so fuck how you feel!

    The song starts off saying. Why when I do this shit they mad
    When they do this shit they glad
    On my way to get that bag
    No discounts on 5th Ave.!
    Black girl who’s angry
    Media can’t stand me
    I may never get this Grammy
    But I’mma feed my family!

    Interpreting the fact that black women can a start trend and they will either be loved for it or hated for it. The majority of the time when they are hated for it, it is out of envy, but the very ones who hate it love what was done because now it can be replicated. Typically replicated by white woman who gets more praise for it.
    K Michelle says the song was not a diss to the Kardashian. The song was meant to show how black women have to work harder to get the acknowledgement that other races and the opposite sex does not have to work so hard for. A perfect example is when Taylor Swift was claimed to be one of the highest paid woman in the music industry, until other news reporters had to clear that up by recognizing Beyoncé as the true highest paid woman in the music industry, tripling Taylors earnings. As K Michelle voices the truth about “KIM K” lyrics defining the work harder motto that black women have to follow, she goes on to say how much she really does admire Kim Kardashian.

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