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    Kaavia James Union Wade Is like every other Kid Getting Her Hair Done

    Kaavia James Union Wade attempted to keep herself busy while mom, Gabrielle Union-Wade did her hair. However, like any other kid sitting still remains a task

    The “Cheaper by the Dozen” actress showed fans how much they are like any other family. The Saturday video captured the mom taming Kaavia’s curly mane. As she sat behind the 3-year-old with a pink wide combed brush, the toddler model played with her tablet.

    The Janie and Jack CEO seemed very interested in her tablet with her head down and moving while her mom, leaned over and sitting on a gray couch, attempted to place parts in her hair.

    “It’s Saturday morning so you know what that means…No, I will not keep my head still,” she captioned. Speaking as Kaavia’s personality she continued, “No, my Momma’s parts are not gonna be straight. No, this doesn’t look like the reference photo but bless her heart, she tryin y’all”.

    Eventually, the mother daughter stood up to complete the rest of the style.

    Many moms related to the norms of mom-life, such as trying to do a toddler’s hair.

    One person wrote, “OMG I go through the same thing with my 3 yr old.”

    Another person wrote, “This is so real lol they never wanna stay still.”

    Some daughters even understood Gabrielle’s pain.

    Oner person said, I felt that “Pick your head up” when she was looking at her tablet 😂 Looking back I feel bad for how much I used to move my head while my mom tried to do my hair. She was going thru it

    Union followed up with everyone in a separate post showing the results.

    The video showed the mommy and daughter lounging in rocking chairs outdoors. Kaavia James Union Wade looked adorable as she looked at her mom while sniffing in the fresh air and making her laugh. The final style featured connected braids parted on each side of her head, with clear hairballs at the end.



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