Kanye West says he’s moving to Chicago


Kanye is moving back to Chicago, but did fans get a clue when Kanye named his daughter after his hometown. We knew he may have been home sick but the rapper recently told a group of kids he would never leave again.


Kanye attended an event that was hosted by Chance the Rapper when he told a group of highschool kids he was moving back to Chicago. The rapper also hinted that they’ll release new music together.

A source told Page Six, “Kanye’s been recording in Chicago and reconnecting with old friends.”

TMZ reported that West’s even found a house in the Windy City — but he’ll keep his LA properties, too.

This leads no surprise, as Kanye has been surrounded by so many original Chicagoans like Steve Harey, and even returned to Chicago to talk on WGCI.
Kanye’s mother also landmarked a charity in Chicago called Donda’s House. The school was rumored to have needed some improvement and Rhymefest said that Kanye had not been aroubd to help, thereforw the charity was renamed. We are hoping that Kanye is returning to Chicago to start some improvement and reclaim his throne.



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