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    Karen Nyamu’s Pregnancy Is A Struggle


    Karen Nyamu’s Pregnancy Is A Struggle

    Karen Nyamu’s pregnancy is filled with excitement yet much to handle. Giving details about her current pregnancy she says she it has given enough energy to run around with the campaigns, but don’t get it twisted – having a little human grow inside has also left her with a few challenges like her battling tears back – whenever emotional.

    Karen Nyamu

    According to Nyamu, this pregnancy has been making her too emotional, to a point where breaks down every time something touches her heart – and in this case, it’s the praise and worship and touching preaching from her church.

    But like I often say, blame it on the pregnancy hormones working overtime for both her and unborn baby – but again, it’s just a phase that will soon pass.

    Karen Nyamu’s pregnancy details on 3rd-trimester challenges

    Anyway, talking about some of the challenges she’s currently facing with this pregnancy – Karen Nyamu says getting too emotional is her number 1 issue.


    To prove how bad the emotions can get, Nyamu shared new photos from a church service – where she’s seen crying and deep with the spirit and as for the caption the lady wrote;

    “Yes I have energy and passion and I’m grateful for that! But one thing about my pregnancy is, it makes me so emotional😢😢 Especially in church. Pastor tu asikue fiery na worship team ikue top. Kwisha mimi hahaha thanks to my PA for always being ready with tissues.”

    But since she is not complaining of any complications or fatigue – I guess all she needs to do is hang in there. A few more weeks to go!

    Source: Ghafla

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