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    Kash Doll Has Fans In Stitches Trying to Stop Her Mom from Watching Her Sex Scene in ‘BMF’

    Kash Doll proved to her followers on Sept. 26 that she can never be too grown when it comes to her mom.

    Doll, who is currently starring in Starz’s new series “BMF” or Black Mafia Family, shared an upload of herself blocking her mother’s view as a sex scene featuring the rapper appears on the screen.

    Kash Doll uploads a video of herself covering her mother’s eyes during a sex scene she shot for Starz’s new series “BMF.”Photo:@kashdoll/Instagram

    “BMF” tells the rise and fall of Demetrius and Terry Flenory and their organized crime group Black Mafia Family. The series, which debuted the same day, held a screening in Detroit, Michigan.

    In the social media post, Doll is seen shielding her mom’s eyes and ears while yelling, “Don’t look.” Immediately following the 32-year-old’s actions, her mother jokingly said, “I’m trying see. I want to see if she got moves like her mama.”

    As the clip continues and the noises from the sultry scene get dramatically louder, Doll’s mom proceeds to shout, “Do she got it from her mama?” The recording ends shortly afterward with Doll trying to get everyone to stop looking at the screen.

    As Doll’s followers viewed the upload, a handful of people commented how they could relate to her situation. An individual even brought up that they would have done the same thing after viewing the particular scene from the show.

    “Not the momma saying Kash got it from her 😂😂.”

    “No matter how grown u get some things are just awkward around parents 😂😂😂.”

    “The way Kash doll was giving it, she has every right to cover her moms eyes😂😂😂 I wouldn’t want my mom watching me.”

    “Not the cover your eyes role reversed😂.”

    “Sis was scared asf.”

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