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    Kel Mitchell Details Health Scare That Led to Hospitalization – The Music news

    Kel Mitchell is sharing more details on what led to his hospitalization due to a health-related incident earlier in the week.

    In a video posted on his Instagram Friday, the actor said, “I’m good, I’m here, I’m smiling, I’m with my family, I’m at home.” His update comes days after what he previously called a “genuinely frightening” experience that happened on Tuesday.

    “I was out shopping when suddenly the whole room started spinning,” he explained in the clip. “So I was like, I must be dehydrated so I need to go get some water, some food. When I did that, the whole right side of my arm and my leg was numb, followed by me not being able to swallow. And that’s when I panicked.”

    Mitchell said he proceeded to drive himself to a local hospital, which he “wouldn’t advise anybody to do.”

    Once at the medical center, the actor said he “failed the arm and leg test. So that was raising fears of like, something more serious, and because I could not move my right arm, my motor skills were not working. So CT scan, EKG, everything they started doing on me, that’s why I had to stay overnight [at the hospital].”

    Thankfully, what they all feared wasn’t actually what it was.

    “It was actually a bulging disc that I had from a prior injury that was pressing up against the nerve, mimicking all those symptoms that I was going through,” the actor said. “So, I’m thanking God that I am good. Thank y’all for all the prayers and the comments.”

    A day after the incident, Mitchell took to Instagram to share a message, thanking fans for their support, saying, “The scare was real, but so was the support.” Though he didn’t share many details about the medical-related incident at the time, the actor said he was “on the road to recovery at home, embraced by the love of my family,” all thanks to the “grace of God and the skill of a medical team.”

    Mitchell stars in the upcoming sequel to the 1997 film Good Burger, which starred him and Kenan Thompson. The movie, Good Burger 2, is set to hit Paramount+ on Nov. 22.

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