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    Kelis’s Son Knight Jones Is Growing Fast and Cooking with His Chef Mom

    Kelis’s son Knight Jones is now 12 years old and almost his mom’s height. He was featured on the chef’s social media as she shared recipes for “Cooking with¬†

    In the video Knight Jones explained the new recipe to his mom’s audience, while wearing a Spiderman mask.

    The two broke down the preparation for Mediterranean style roasted lamb.

    Kelis, “Knight you picked everything so tell us what you got.”

    Knight, “I got a bunch of parsley, rosemary, and thyme. Then we cut it and add our liquid gold olive oil.”

    Not to mention, the kid has intelligent jokes.

    As his mom Kelis broke down the meaning of larding versus barding food, Knight Jones shared an analogical way of remembering the difference.

    Kelis, “So there’s two things. There’s larding and then there’s barding. Larding is when you are, really putting like a fat content on the inside of whatever you are roasting.”

    “Barding is when you say like wrap. I guess technically if you wrap bacon around something, that’s barding.”

    Kelis’s son then jokes, “We’re putting fat on the outside, but it’s still being bombarding.”

    The Chef mom then looks at 12-year-old Knight Jones and laughs, while saying, “that was a good one.”

    Of course, the kid is smart. He has genes from the greatest. His mother is a multi-platinum recording artist and Foodpreneur. His father is Nas a.k.a Nasir Jones.

    Nas is regarded as one of the greatest and most influential rappers of all time.

    But not only does he have talented and Entrepreneural parents, but he also has an entrepreneurial sister. Destiny Jones owns her own cosmetic line.

    Actress Yara Shahidi is also Jones’s cousin on his father’s side. We should also mention his little brother Shephard, Kelis’s younger son helped with picking out some of the recipe.

    The spider man fan seems to have a bright future ahead of him as he grows before the public eye.

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