Kelly Rowland May Be Pregnant With Her Second Child


Kelly Rowland showed up to The Lion King Premiere to support her sister Beyonce. The full Destiny’s Child cast was on board taking photos and even brought their children, Blue Ivy an Titan. However, there were several signs that Kelly may have a bun in the oven.

One sign was her partially buttoned dresses. We know that Kelly Rowland is fashion forward but the mid area looked a little tight. Kelly has always been of slim figure so to see a little stomach bump was not usual.

The mother of Titan also gave a clue as she continuously rubbed her belly during photos. She my have been having an upset stomach but there was all smiles.

Beyonce may have also been telling people to keep a secret as she held the hush finger to her face in a photo.

The Destiny’s child crew is definitely up to something. What are your thoughts?



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