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    Kenya: Emotional Jalang’o Bids Kiss FM Goodbye; Pursues Politics

    Kiss FM’s Jalang’o is en route to his new political journey after serving as a radio presenter for years.

    The talented comedian has been hosting the Morning Kiss show in tandem with Kamene Goro for the last two years.

    They built impeccable chemistry between them that saw their show become among the best breakfast shows. While bidding the station goodbye, an emotional Jalang’o took time to appreciate staff who eased & supported his radio career.

    ”It is a dream & it is a dream that I’m going for to try and be a different kind of leader. And show people that good leaders are still there. As we call it a day here today, I want to send a few thank yous. Definitely, the boss and CEO of this place, who has always been a friend and has always opened this doors for me…”

    Jalas also thanked his co-host Kamene.

    I have a wife whom I love,' Jalango on why he can't date nor marry Kamene - TMZ Kenya

    Jalang’o and Kamene-Google

    The jester has recently been on a campaigning spree to expedite his political ambition to clinch the Langata MP seat; in the upcoming general elections.

    Jalang’os Replacement

    It won’t be an easy task to find the perfect replacement for Jalang’o at Kiss. There’s been a heated debate on whether Dr. Ofweneke or Obinna would be a good fit at the station. The two jesters were co-hosting the show in the past week with Kamene & Jalas in tow. This was probably a way to test who would be a good match. Who do you think will replace Jalang’o on the Morning Kiss?

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