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    Kerrion Franklin Out of Jail Thanks Dad Kirk Franklin and Pastor John P. Kee

    Kerrion Franklin is finally out of jail.

    Although the father and son barred a heated past, but this time reluctancy and thanks took over. Kerrion Franklin thanked both his father and Pastor John P. Kee.

    The Zeus network “Bad Boys of LA” star ended up in jail without bond in the Los Angeles County Jail. But on June 2, he walked out.

    (L-R): Kirk Franklin and Kerrion Franklin Photo: @kirkfranklin/Instagram and @kerrionrashad/Instagram

    “My Mother & Father & My Lighthouse @keetwit thank you for the prayers & the wind the most-high is moving me in,” Kerrion wrote in the post. He continued, “The journey is not over yet 1 more case left to handle tho freely here ii am out of jail. A lot of talk but Today the King walks #chesslord #waitfortheverdict.”

    Arrested on April 10 due to a routine traffic stop by Beverly Hills Police regarding his taillight derailed into a custody holding. Officers noticed Kerrion’s vehicle belonged to a missing woman.  The woman may be deceased. However, the reality star says otherwise. “I don’t think that’s true because I’ve met the woman who sold me the car,” he said of the missing and deceased claims.

    Additionally, a gun was discovered in the car.

    Officials arrested and booked Franklin due to suspicion of murder. Nevertheless, he maintained his innocence. Coping with the accusations he told media personality Larry Reid, “I’m just keeping my mind positive. I really do aim to live a righteous lifestyle; all of this is unnecessary. I just want you guys to keep me in your prayers.”

    Father, Kirk Franklin is currently on the Kingdom Tour. He has not commented as of yet. Due to the father and sons’ trials in their relationship Kerrion shared a snippet of his father going off. Some became shocked at Kirk Franklins choice of words, but others clearly understood.

    Franklin, mindful of his comments regarding the matter, briefly spoke out to acknowledge that he and his son’s relationship had been in a painful place for years. Kerrion felt like an outcast among his siblings and their relationship with their father.

    “Even though my son chose to try to expose me publicly as a father I will never expose him publicly as a son. So I have no dialogue about it,” Franklin said, while speaking with hosts of “The Real.” “You would have never known our family issues if he hadn’t chosen to do it, and so I still continue to keep it that place.

    Due to Kerrion’s announcement to the world, socialites made sure to remind him of the importance of family. One person said,  “After all that, yo daddy still had your back. Period. A parents love is unconditional”.

    Another commented, “He was bashing his parents but they was the only ones there for him, the irony…”


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