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    Kevin Samuels Death confirmed by Mother Beverly Samuels-Burch

    Kevin Samuels death confirmed by his mother Beverly Samuels-Burch on NBC.

    The image consultant made a career giving out controversial love advice.

    Beverly Samuels-Burch told NBC News early Friday morning, May 6, that she found out about her son’s death via social media. Reports of Samuels’ passing began circulating on the internet the day before, but the information was scarce.

    His mother spoke out saying, “That was a terrible thing for social media to put that out. I didn’t even know. I hadn’t even been notified,” she said in a phone call. “All I’m doing is requesting that people pray for us.”

    The Atlanta Police Department said officers were called to an apartment on East Paces Ferry Road NE on Thursday morning “regarding a person injured.”

    The now identified woman, Alcantara Ortensia said she was spent a night with Kevin Samuels the night before his passing. She also confirmed that morning, he complained of chest pain. However, the woman told police that as she tried to help him, he fell on top of her. She then called 911 and asked the front desk for a defibrillator because she was a nurse.

    According to reports by the time police arrived, first responders were already performing CPR. However, Samuels was unresponsive. He was rushed to Piedmont Hospital, but authorities would not give further information. The Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office said it could not confirm or deny any information.

    Many who followed the cult as The Root referred to it, spoke out on social media.

    One Journalist, Ernest Owens wrote “Kevin Samuels has made a career off of shamelessly disgracing Black women for profit. He emboldened the most toxic individuals to project tired and harmful narratives about Black women,” The award-winning writer noted, “Dead or alive, what a disgraceful life to live. That’s all I’ve got for that misogynist.”

    “All I can say about Kevin Samuels is if you spend your time disrespecting people in life, don’t be surprised at people disrespecting you in death,” commented another person. “No matter how cruel it may be, the legacy you leave behind will be known by the fruit you bore while you were here.”

    Others who agreed with Samuels views made comments as well.

    One Twitter user wrote, “All Kevin Samuels did was tell women the truth and tell guys to get they sh-t together but people act like he a evil villain in a movie.”

    According to reports Tamar Braxton stated, Samuels was supposed to come to the premiere of her podcast Under Construction with Tamar Braxton. She also reflected on how she enjoyed the image consultants views.

    “ion care i did. I posted him all day every day to my friends and I’m devastated!!! My thoughts are what was planned. Death has taken a front seat in my life so it seems and I’m passed about it!!! . Fck u if u don’t get it.”

    Comedian Marlon Wayans also spoke on the comedy that some got out of the show.

    F*CK, YOU WAS HILARIOUS! In this moment i pray for you and your family and all those you’ve healed that can’t call in to your show. I hope you can heal more and reach more in heaven. Rest well. Appreciate you trying to hold on and express masculinity.



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