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    Khuli Chana Reacts To Blaklez Singing His Praises – Entert News

    In  entert news today, Khuli Chana Reacts To Blaklez Singing His Praises. Khuli Chana is undoubtedly one of the hip hop artists who deserves legendary status.

    He’s been dubbed “one of the best to ever do it,” and his flow has music lovers all over the country drooling.

    Khuli Chana Reacts To Blaklez Singing His Praises

    Khuli’s entert news has not only got praises from his loyal hip hop fans, but the rapper also attracted attention from his peers in the hip hop industry. Taking to his Twitter TL, Blaklez did not shy away to give props to the No More Hunger hitmaker. “Khuli Chana is a living legend.” Tweeted Blaklez.

    The legendary hip hop artist could not resist responding to the props he got from the Freedom or Fame hitmaker. Khuli responded to Blaklez commending his work ethic and he vowed to improve on his music game. “Means a lot coming from you Papito! Your work ethic is Unmatched…I gotta step my game up,👊 ” responded Khuli Chana.

    The rapper also showered some brotherly love to Blaklez and it’s a clear sign that the two have known each other for a long time. Love u Papito!!! 👊 wrote Khuli Chana. Khuli Chana took a sabbatical from music for a while strategizing his next move in the music space.

    When the rapper made his comeback to the music space, he introduced himself as ‘KhuliYano,’ a name that was inspired by his switch from Mostwako rap to Amapiano. During an interview with Drum, the rapper revealed that there is something amiss in SA hip hop that’s why he decided to make a switch.

    “Something in hip-hop is not the same,” he says. Despite the switch he’s made with his stage name, Chana is still regarded as a legend in SA hip hop. The rapper will forever be a massive contributor to the culture.

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