Kim Kardashian Stunning Photos At The White House To Talk about Prison Reform


Kim Kardashian looks stunning at the White House during her speech on prison reform and implementing a ride share program for prisoners. She talked about how she worked hard to achieve her goals in helping prisoners. Kim Kardashian stated she had no inside connections and it took a lot of work studying and going to law school.

Kim’s partnership is with Lyft and offers ex prisoners a way to job interviews. The prisnoners will be able to use gift cards that will also help them visit family and get back into the worldly functions successfully.

Kim Kardashian “the ultimate goal is everyone wants the community o be safe, and the more opportunity that, they (ex prisoners) have, and the support we help give them, the safer everyone will be.”

Kim has spoken with Trump several times, as they work to reform prison norms. She has been successful with pardons, like Alice Marie Johnson who was looking at life in prison over a drug offense. The mother was desperate to find ways to take care of her household which resulted into tough choices and eventually prison.

White House officials are hoping that these steps will aid prisoners who have been released early because of the First Step Act, signed into law late last year.

More than 1,000 inmates have had their sentences reduced because of the legislation, based on recent reports.


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