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    Kim Kardashians Ex Pete Davidson In Trauma Therapy After Kanye Post

    Kim Kardashians ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson is reportedly in trauma therapy after the breakup, due to her separated husband’s social media post.

    Only days after Kim and Pete’s break up, Kanye posted a meme about Davidson. The post contained a fake news article of The New York Times, with a headline reading, Pete’s Dead At Age 28.

    Nevertheless, Pete and Kanye have been going back and forth with public rants against each other for a while. Davidson also did an SNL skit back in 2018 about Kanye supporting Trump. In the clip, the comedian jokes about Ye getting off his medication and revealed that he’s taking medicine for his own mental illness and it’s not a big deal. At the end of his skit, he aimed a message to Kanye. “Being mentally ill is not an excuse for acting like a jackass,” he said.

    Pete Davidson addressed his very public feud with Kanye West during a stand-up set at the Netflix Is a Joke comedy festival. Netflix made the clip of Davidson’s set available online. The jokes came as part of the sold out “Pete Davidson Presents: The Best Friends” show at The Fonda Theatre on April 29.

    “I’ve had a really weird year,” he said. “I had an AIDS scare this year,” he continued. “And you’re like ‘Pete wow what’s going on in your life? Are you sharing needles? He joked, Are you doing heroin? Are you having tons of unprotected sex?’ No, Kanye told me I have AIDS.”

    As far as Kanye, he came for Pete in several ways. The Grammy winner rapped about beating “Pete Davidson’s ass” in his music, called him a “d–khead” on social media and more.

    Regardless of both men taking jabs at each other, it seems Pete may be taking it harder. E reported that Kim Kardashians ex-boyfriend has been in trauma therapy since April.

    Additionally stating Kim requested Kanye to remove the post but he refuses. Both Kim and Pete are saddened by the breakup. But due to their busy work life the timing won’t work out.


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