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    Kim Kardashian’s Toy Car Garage Is Amazing

    During my childhood there were kids like me, and then there were kids with these:

    All I ever wanted was to own one of those bad boys, but I never had one. Sad, I know.

    Kim Kardashian’s children on the other hand have lots of them. LOOK AT THIS 10 TOY-CAR GARAGE.

    I know jealousy is unbecoming. BUT I’M REALLY JEALOUS. This is my childhood dream come true.

    Another pink off-road vehicle.

    Some green tractor-type vehicle.

    A Grave Digger. Whatever that is, idk it seems big and cool though.

    And what I believe is some sort of two-wheeler.

    I’m 31 now but if I had a garage, I’d want it to look like this. Adopt me, Kim?

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