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    Korie and Willie Robertson talk COVID-19 vaccines

    Duck Dynasty stars Korie and Willie Robertson tackled COVID-19 vaccines on the latest episode of their new Facebook Watch talk show. 

    For Monday’s At Home With the Robertsons, the reality stars gathered together friends from their community in Monroe, La., to talk about COVID-19 vaccines with Dr. Michael Ayers, a cardiologist who has been on the frontlines during the pandemic. Some people in the group are distrustful when it comes to getting vaccinated while others, like Willie, have already gotten it.

    “I am distrustful of big companies. Some,” Willie explained. “‘Cause I’ve seen them do stuff in the past. However, I will say, I’m totally vaccinated. At the end of the day I’m like, ‘Hey, I’ve seen millions of people get this vaccination. I know, just because it’s quicker doesn’t mean it hasn’t been as thought out.'”

    During the episode — which was filmed on March 6 — Korie raised her hand when asked who has not had the vaccine. However, she said she’s “pro-vaccine,” especially after her family’s COVID-19 scare in October. She noted how she realized vaccines are essential in reaching herd immunity.

    “I think that was kind of one of the things that was a big part of making the decision, for me, to get vaccinated,” she tells the camera. “That idea of really understanding herd immunity.”

    Korie continued, “Because if we don’t, the virus is going to continue, and it is going to start creating more and more variants ’cause that’s what viruses do. And then people who are vaccinated, the vaccines actually won’t work anymore.”

    One of the participants noted how there are conspiracy theories going around in the community about getting vaccinated — but Willie isn’t paying much attention to rumors.

    “I’ve heard a lot of conspiracy theories [about vaccines],” Willie explained. “I think it’s just made up. One, because I’ve heard so many people say stuff about me, I’m like, ‘That’s not true!'”

    Although it’s unclear of Korie has been vaccinated yet, she made her intent clear while talking about her religious beliefs.

    “You know, as Christians and believers we do feel like it’s not just about you and how it might affect you,” she shared. “It’s about how it might affect the person sittin’ next to you, or the person that you see at church or wherever you are, and so I think that’s a really big consideration for this.”

    Willie agreed, adding, “Really it comes from the heart of caring, you know, caring for our neighbor and loving our neighbor.”

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