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    Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott Name Son Wolf Webster – Celeb Life

    In celeb life Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott recently announced the birth of their son, as fans patiently waited to reveal his name, Kylie finally share it to her social media, Wolf Webster with a heart next to it.

    This is their second child together. Their oldest is daughter Stormi Webster. News about Kylie’s second pregnancy broke in August, following weeks of speculation and Internet sleuths uncovering near-daily signs that she was expecting.

    Fans are not understanding the concept behind the name. One person commented saying, (Noe [email protected]·16mReplying to @enews) “At this point I feel like all these celebrities are playing a secret game of who can come up with the worst name.”

    The names Stormi and Wolf remind us of X-men. It’s sort of like a playoff of the characters Wolverine and Storm. Kylie has never announced rather or not she was a marvel fan and neither has Travis Scott, but we know he has named some of his songs off of marvel characters, like nightcrawler.

    If we think of it that way then then names may make sense. We could imagine that of the couple had more kids they would name them Rogue, Magneto, or Gambit

    We can admit most celebrity child names are far beyond average, and Kylie is definitely about that celeb life.

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