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    La La Anthony’s Mom Gets A Facelift and The Changes Are Wild

    La La Anthony’s mom, Carmen Surillo got a lot of support from her daughter as she decided to get a facelift. During their behind the scenes La La said, hey Daily Pop it’s La La. I’m here in Beverly Hills supporting my mom as she gets a little bit of surgery. She’s going to be more beautiful than she already is. I’m nervous. I think I’m more nervous than she is.”

    As La La walked into the room with her mom and the doctor she said, “this feels serious”.

    La La Anthony’s mom attended Dr. Ben Tali’s plastic surgery. Dr. Tali completed his residency training in head & neck surgery at Columbia University Medical Center, Cornell University Medical Center and New York Presbyterian Hospital.

    Carmen’s facial surgery included a lip lift that runs 5,000 to 15,000. Tali performed a three Demensional brow lift at the lowest rate 8,000 dollars. Finally, he performed a face and neck lift running between 5,000-150,000 dollars. The final step included lifting the entire face and neck together.

    He then began to draw over her face to outline the incisions. While he performed the surgery he mentioned, Carmen was the perfect patient. He shared a snippet of the neck lift and results during operation time. “So you can see a real proper lift. Actually, lifted off her chest. She’ll become more confident wearing open chested shirts.”

    La La Anthony’s mom shared the results 4 months post op. She healed well with no scars or bruises showing in the photo.

    Carmen Surillo, “my down time was so easy”. Looking at her old photos she said, “I got a jaw line now. I never had a jaw line before. I feel great. Thank you for your gifted and talented hands.”

    Her results looked natural and fresh. Check out the results and let us know what you think?


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