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    Labor Day Drinks That Are Gluten Free – Skip The Pounds To The Bar

    If you are looking for Labor Day drinks that are gluten free, we got the scoop. But also, we have tried them ourselves and they work.

    The very first drink may sound very familiar. Have you ever been sick, and someone advised you to make a Hottie Tottie. But then you realize you’ve drunken so many but never gained a pound. That’s because Jack Daniel‘s Black Label Tennessee Whiskey has no carbohydrates. Not to mention, if you use real honey, it’s considered gluten free. Most gluten free diets use honey to substitute for syrups. The lemon added also contains no sugar. You can even splash it with a bit of orange juice or pineapple juice and drink it cold. Unless of course you are truly sick and need it hot.

    But what if you don’t do dark liquor. No worries. Fix yourself a Bees Needs cocktail I actually introduced the cocktail to my bartender at Chug A Lug in Glenwood Illinois. The rooftop bar just opened and had gluten free food options on the menu but no specifics on drinks. So, we made the drink with some real lemon juice, a splash of pineapple juice so it wasn’t super tart. But instead of dark liquor we used Bombay Sapphire.

    My friends also favorite Titos. But if you don’t drink your alcohol straight you may want to mix it with no carb drink. I also like splashing my drinks with Squirt zero if it’s a light drink. As well as the ginger ale lemonade zero. If you are doing a dark liquor, try a cherry or vanilla Coke zero or Pepsi zero in your drink. Preferably Jack Daniels. Add a cherry on top or a few and an orange. Delish.

    Remember to chug your Labor Day drinks responsibly, so we can all live to enjoy more.


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