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    Langa Mavuso Reveals New Visuals Off Debut Album Titled ‘Pretend’

    South African R&B Rising Star, Langa Mavuso, reveals new visuals off his debut album titled, Pretend featuring Aimee George.

    Pretend speaks to a moment of meeting one’s true self. A confrontation that happens through meeting an old friend and trying to connect but failing to do it authentically and finally resort to simply playing pretend.

    “The song is quite vulnerable and honest. The video needed to reflect that story, and this was achieved by keeping myself and the collaborator looking at things from different perspectives to show our failure to see things the same way. The dancers explore a story about that loss of love and the ending of the relationship,” shares Langa Mavuso.

    He adds: “Obscura Films did a great job in capturing the sincerity of the song and its tenderness.”

    Watch Langa Mavuso’s Pretend music video here:

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