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    Leslie Jordan Passed Away Before The Release Of His New Show, Ron

    Yes, you heard it, Leslie Jordan passed away before his newest comedy featuring Margaret Cho. According to reports the “Will and Grace” comedian died after a car crash in Hollywood. David Shaul of the BRS/Gage Talent Agency, which represented him, confirmed the death.

    According to the Times, news reports quoting the police said Mr. Jordan’s car crashed into the side of a building after he had apparently experienced a medical emergency. A spokesman for the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed that someone driving a BMW collided with a wall in Hollywood at 9:30 a.m. and died, but he declined to identify the victim.

    “Not only was he a mega-talent and joy to work with,” Mr. Shaul said of Mr. Jordan by email, “but he provided an emotional sanctuary to the nation at one of its most difficult times.”

    Fellow actors and actresses from “Call me Kat” in which the 67-year-old played the role of Phil. His character portrayed a newly single gay man. Phil worked as the head baker at the café owned by the titular Kat (Mayim Bialik). “We will be taking time to grieve and to celebrate the many gifts Leslie gave to us and to the entire world,” Bialik, the cast, and producers of the show said in a statement.

    Other cast mates responded after finding out that Leslie Jordan passed away as well.

    Kyla Pratt shared a broken heart emoji to her Instagram.

    Cheyenne Jackson posted, My heart is broken in half today. From the moment I saw him bellow the phrase “Karen Walker, I thought I smelled gin and regret” on Will & Grace… I was a forever fan. Then I was lucky enough to become his friend in real life. He was my mentor, my sober brother, and my unofficial comedy coach.

    (I paid him in compliments, not cash) He hated that we couldn’t tell naughty jokes on set anymore so we decided that we’d be each other’s blue material safe space. And no matter how filthy a joke would be that I’d tell him, he’d giggle and then tell me one 10 times dirtier. He was equal parts silly and serious, broad and subtle, and always ALWAYS kind. He was professional and soulful and heartbreakingly talented. We talked endlessly about old Hollywood lore, and he could walk better in heels than he could in new dress shoes.

    There will no doubt be countless tributes to him in the days to come. Jackson continued, as he touched so many people’s lives both in the recovery community and the queer community. He LOVED being famous and he loved being recognized. He’d smile his sly smile and with that trademark drawl say “Cheyenne I’m soooo faaamousss nowww!” And I was so happy for him. We all were.

    Some say you remember people more for how they made you feel than what they actually said or did, and I can say that every time I saw him, acted with him, sang with him, or just sat with him, I felt happy and loved. My kids adored him. He loved them so much from the day they were born having had twin sisters of his own. He would FaceTime them on set and they would scream “LESLIIIEEEEE!”

    Generous. That’s just who he was.

    I love you friend. Here’s a filthy limerick for the road…

    “There once was a man from Nantucket…”

    Leslie Jordan’s future co-comedian, for the show Ron also made a statement. Margaret Cho shared two back-to-back photos of Jordan. The first photo stated, “No Words”. Another post stated, I’m devastated. I loved Leslie and he was truly a force of nature and a beautiful light. He starred in my music videos & we were planning to work together on many projects. But beyond work, he was someone I absolutely loved and admired. The loss is beyond my comprehension.

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