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    Lisa Marie Presley’s Daughter Riley Upset With ‘Cruel’ Grandmother Priscilla’s Fight Over $35 Million Insurance Money: Sources

    Lisa Marie Presley’s daughter Riley Keough has been privately trashing her grandmother Priscilla as “cruel” after Elvis’ ex demanded to be in charge of her late daughter’s trust, has learned.

    According to sources close to the situation, Riley and Priscilla’s once-close relationship has completely soured.

    As previously reported, Priscilla rushed to court days after her daughter’s death on January 12.

    Priscilla filed a petition to be named the co-trustee of Lisa Marie’s trust. As we first reported, Elvis’ only child was heavily in debt at the time of her death. Court records showed she owed over $3 million to various creditors.

    Lisa Marie took out life insurance policies totaling $35 million before her death. The only beneficiaries of Lisa’s trust are her oldest daughter Riley and her twins Harper and Finely.

    In her petition, Priscilla said Lisa Marie created her trust in 1993 and amended it in 2010. Priscilla said she was named co-trustee along with Lisa Marie’s ex-business manager Barry Siegel.

    Priscilla argued the 2016 amendment was not valid and questioned the signature on the paperwork.

    In her petition, Priscilla said Barry plans to resign as co-trustee. She said the 2010 amendment states Riley will take over for Barry.

    However, sources claim Riley has become infuriated by her grandmother’s power moves and plans to object to her petition in court. An insider said there is little hope the two will be able to reconcile.

    “Riley is calling Priscilla cruel, selfish, and money-hungry,” said a source. “Priscilla is used to getting her way, so she’s slightly surprised that Riley is fighting back. Riley has typically preferred to stay above the fray, but the fact that she’s seeing this through shows how passionate Riley is about it. She’s sending a message to her grandmother — back off because I am not backing down.”

    Another source revealed, “Riley and Lisa Marie were incredibly close, but there was always friction between them and Priscilla. Priscilla’s court antics were the last straw for Riley. She’s done with her grandmother always putting herself first.”

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