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    Los Angeles Man with Monkeypox Goes to McDonalds See Why

    A Los Angeles man with Monkeypox went to McDonalds and shared his trip to social media. But the video backfired when people started to question his actions.

    During the video Duane Cali says, “whatsup yal it’s me. I had to run to McDonalds because I ain’t got no groceries. I ain’t got no food. But I just wanted to make this video to remind yal to be careful who you F’ with. Not everybody you F with is going to F with you. Not everybody you look out for is going to look out for you. You might show up for the wrong Mother F’er at the wrong place at the wrong time and end up with the F’ing Monkey Pox. And who gon be there to look out for you? Nobody. So, at the end of the day choose yourself.”

    The post not only tells his experience but also promotes his song. We asked the man with Monkeypox if he at least wore gloves, but he had no response.

    Many socialites went under the post stating how irresponsible he was for going out. Not only going out but transfer cash or card to the person in the drive through McDonalds.

    One person asked, so now the employee at McDonalds is at risk!

    Another person stated, yet you didn’t choose to yourself & stay home lmaooo please be careful.

    Another person even brought up food delivery. So, door dash wasn’t option. we just gonna keep spreading it.

    As of Thursday, U.S states with the highest numbers of Monkeypox include California with 2,356 cases. As well as New York with 2,675 cases. Texas, Georgia, and Florida follow behind with just over 1,000 cases.

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