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Miguel Pilgrim invests his lottery winning to the Sistrunk Blvd. community in Ft. Lauderdale Florida’s downtown area. When asked why he was doing so, He said it Reminded him of his community back in Memphis.
The plans for the community is to create a performing arts studio, a jazz room, Restaurant, Retail, and residential space. He is raising an Empire.
Although, Sistrunk has had its down spirals from being a well reputable economic home for blacks during the great depression, the town still carries on it’s good spirit of entertainment, and community gatherings.
The street was named after the first black doctor in Ft. Lauderdale, James F. Sistrunk. In 1938 Sistrunk along with his partner Dr. Von Mizell opened up a hospital to serve the black community. He went on to deliver 5000 babies in 40 years of his career. In 1971 the street was established in his name.
Miguel Pilgrim says he wants to continue the growth that Dr. Sistruck was attributing to.


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