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    Love And Hip Hop Star Rasheeda Frost Lands Television Show

    Love and Hip Hop star Rasheeda Frost lands television show with streaming service Philo.

    According to the company the show will give viewers a look into life and business ventures after landing a television deal with Philo.

    Philo is an online television company that was founded in 2010, by Tuan Ho and Nick Krasney. The streaming service was later nationally launched in 2017.

    “Philo T. Farnsworth invented the electronic television in San Francisco, in 1927. Today, the content available on TV has never been better, but the experience around that content hasn’t improved very much. That’s why we started Philo. We’re working to reinvent the television experience for the modern age,” says the company.

    According to Deadline, the series “Boss Moves with Rasheeda” will follow Frost as she gives fans a closer look into her multiple homes, her businesses, including Frost Bistro & Bar, and her decision-making when it comes to financial situations. The half-hour show will be a part of Philo’s first-ever original programming slate after the company announced its partnership with lifestyle programmer Kin.

    The company said in a statement shared in a blog post on its website, “Our partnership with Kin is also making waves, as we’ll be launching our first original series on Philo! Exclusive to the service, Boss Moves with Rasheeda, stars the iconic Love and Hip Hop Atlanta cast member Rasheeda Frost. New episodes will be streaming weekly starting in the Spring of 2022 and available to all Philo subscribers.”

    “Boss Moves with Rasheeda,” which will have 12 episodes, will begin shooting in Atlanta later this month.

    No additional details regarding Frost’s new show have been released. Frost first shot to fame in the 1990s as a rapper in hip-hop group Da Kaperz before ultimately going solo in 2000. During Frost’s solo career, she has released six studio albums.

    Love and Hip Hop star Rasheeda Frost joined the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,” in 2012 alongside her family. After gaining a massive following from the show, Frost went on to open several businesses, including Frost Bistro & Bar, Pressed Boutique and Poiz Cosmetics.

    Outside of Philo’s announcement of Frost’s show earlier this week, the reality star hasn’t mentioned the news on her social media pages.

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