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    Man Finds a 60-year-old Mcdonalds Bag and Fries in a Wall

    A man finds a 60-year-old Mcdonalds bag and fries in a wall while renovating a bathroom.

    Apparently, the meal had been there since the home was built.

    Also, if you are ever wondering about the longevity of the 60-year-old Mcdonalds bag of fries compared to the evidence of the longevity of the burger, the man says the fries were still crispy.

    So far, the man who has the oldest Mcdonalds burger, dated the burger back to 1999.

    David Whipple from Utah says he purchased at McDonald’s on July 7, 1999.

    Rob, from Illinois, did not purchase his meal. The Oswego man found the meal with half eaten fries, wrapped in an old rag.

    The post since then removed, caught a lot of attention.

    One person said, hey you now are the oldest McD in the walls find so far. I was the winner with it from 2001. You obliterated that.

    Seems as though, this A Reddit may start a challenge. Others commented after saying, this might be the strangest competition I’ve ever heard of. Yet I vaguely want in.

    Another homeowner posted in competition.

    “On the one hand, I want to compete, because I might just win as my house was constructed in 1953.
    This would be amazingly impressive, because it looks like they didn’t actually franchise until 1954.

    This would be even more amazing because my walls are made of solid brick. Honestly, that would probably be the most amazing part of finding an old McDonald burger wrapper in my walls….”

    For those who live in newer built properties, there is no way you can compete.

    But it seems like some Reddit writers were sad to not be able to join.

    A Reddit writer said, I live in a new build. The oldest I could go is 2014 and is making me way more upset than it should.

    Would you participate in this competition if you qualified?

    Let us know in the comments below. Also follow us on social media to join the conversation.

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