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    Manasseh Calls Gabby a former archbishop of negativity and perpetual pessimism

    Gabby Otchere-Darko (left) and Manasseh Awuni Azure (right)


    Manasseh Azure Awuni replies Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko over his ‘Ghanaian negativity’ comment.

    My friend Gabby Otchere Asare-Darko, a former archbishop of negativity and perpetual pessimism, has been making a good call to Ghanaians to look at the brighter side of things despite our poverty and numerous problems. In response to his latest post, in which he said “wallowing in negativity gets us nowhere”, I had the following to say:

    In my view, the problem is not actually about the negativity. The problem is that a chunk of those who see Ghana as hell today will say it’s heaven if the party in power changes. It’s just like those who saw Ghana as hell under Mahama and, as soon as Akufo-Addo took over, Ghana became paradise overnight in their eyes.

    Those who are positive out of convenience may actually be hurting Ghana more than those who are negative with conviction.

    Having said that, pessimism is forced on many people, who would have loved to be eternal optimists. There are certain issues which, when left unaddressed, drown the positive ones.

    If your taps don’t flow, your electricity isn’t stable, your country cannot deal with filth or you live with the painful reality that “galamsey” is threatening the future of your nation and those with the power to stop it aren’t interested in doing so, then it will be difficult to rejoice with Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko on the “success” of our Eurobonds.

    When you drive around and the number of young people selling all manner of things on the street is swelling and our markets are filled with thousands of homeless youth and children carrying loads on their heads and the state has no clue how to get them out of the mess, then negativity will drown your empathic soul.

    Individually, some people in the private sector and public sector are doing great stuff. But, collectively, we aren’t doing what will propel us on to greatness. Our collective failure has drowned our individual brilliance.
    individual brilliance.

    [NOTE: This is not an invitation to insult or attack Gabby as some of you are fond of doing under posts such as this. You can be bitingly critical of someone’s views or actions without insulting them. I reserve the right to delete your comment and block you if you’re here to insult].

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