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    Mariah Carey hits number one with her new single #GTFO ( GTFO ). MiMi is living her best life compared to 2017 when she started off the year with a bad mic. In 2018 she made a come back within the first 24 hours and it seems like ever since then all things are working in her favor.

    Mariah Carey has made some major changes this year, starting with firing Stella, who claimed to have been sexually harrassed by Mariah. Mariah's relationship with Bryan Tanaka has been looking fairly good as the couple share undenyable photos of their feelings together. The two even vacationed with dem babies Roc and Roe.

    The star seems to also be handing down her gift to the children as Roc and Roe join her on stage. Monroe has proven to be Mariah's clone with diva antics towards the paparazzi's and vocal abilities on stage.

    Mariah even changed her zipcode this year as she booked residency in Las Vegas for "The Butterfly Returns".

    Prior to her residency Mariah shared photos of her sitting in the studio as fans knew she had to be dropping new music.In September of 2018, Mariah announced she was dropping her newest single #GTFO and within 24 hours she becomes number one on Itunes worldwide and 200 on Spotify. The hit single is a layout of a idgaf break up telling the ex to just get the fuck out.

    "Don't tell me these lies when you're bluffing/ How 'bout you get the fuck out?/ Go stay at your friend's house or something/ Don't mean to be rude, but take your shit and leave."

    The Mariah in the 90's would be saying "I don't want to cry" but now she is basically saying "It's A Wrap". Mariah can do that considering she has over 18 number one hits. So if you are not a fan then just GTFO.

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