Mariah Carey Shares A Screenshot Of Mom Life in Celeb Life

Mariah Carey Shares A Screenshot Of Mom Life in Celeb Life (1)

Mariah Carey shares a screenshot of mom life in celeb life and many parents can relate. As Mariah Carey took to social media she captioned “The way my kids wait until the exact moment I get on a conference call to ask me these questions.”

In the photo shared to Twitter it seems that Monroe Cannon was asking her mom if she could wear nails with glue. Monroe has always shown her diva style as she was captured in various Mariah Carey videos and Mariah Carey photos wearing her mom’s heels or playing with makeup.

Mariah Carey Shares A Screenshot Of Mom Life in Celeb Life

However, in the photo captioned to Twitter Mariah seems to have her limits with Roe Roe answering her with a No, to the nail glue. As any kid Roe Roe replied why.

This isn’t the first time Mariah has captioned dem kids giving her a dose of mom life.

Moroccan Carey a.k.a Rocky or Rockstar was caught on cam trying to get Mariah to talk to one of his internet friends. Moroccan Cannon asked her to say hi to a “fan” on his TikTok. “Tell her I’m on a business call,” said Carey — who, by Vulture’s judgment, did not sound like she was on a business call. Moroccan had the better assessment afterward: “Well, my mom is not ready to look, um, be shot at, on TikTok, but yeah. And plus, she’s on a business call,” he said, blowing a raspberry.

Nevertheless, Mariah Carey seems to be enjoying mom life while the kids are enjoying celeb life. Dem Kids are frequently featured in Carey’s shows on stage or in the behind the scenes sharing their creativity. Monroe Cannon recently scored an OshKosh B’gosh back to school commercial honoring her mother.

In a 2019 interview with People Mariah Carey shares this about her kids, “They’re a lot, but they give me so much love in return. I wouldn’t be the same person without them.”

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