Mariah Carey With You


Mariah Carey just summed up any normal relationship now and days. She’s told us to GTFO and now she is back in love with a new single With You. Sounds like we’ve smoothed everything over.

The new single is actually her first official song for her forthcoming album.
The song is called “With You” and was produced by DJ Mustard.
The song comes at a moment in Mariah’s life of experiencing loss. Over the weekend she posted a farewell video to Big Jim.

He wrote so many hit sings with Mariah Carey over the course of her career, like “Fly Like A Bird”, “Petals” and more.

In Mariah’s video snippet of With You she is seen preparing for the mic, in a black and gray shoot. The single is available for download now, the album release date is yet to be announced.


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