Despite the drama that has been surfacing around Mariah Carey and her bipolar disorder, the twins Doc and Roe have been enjoying their time with their little brother Golden, who is 14 months old. After Mariah and Nick Cannon split, he developed a relationship with Brittany Bell, who birthed his son Golden.
Nick Cannon talks about the twins and their relationship with their little brother saying, “They love hanging out with him, and it is almost like they are more concerned about him having fun than them having fun. They are always trying to make them laugh, and he is walking now, so they are trying to get him all the toys.

“Watching that whole older sibling thing take place, they understand the responsibility of it. They understand that they can teach him things, so it is really cool.”

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Nick’s twins will turn seven on Monday April 30th 2018, and the former ‘America’s Got Talent’ host can’t believe how quickly they’ve grown up.

Speaking to ‘Entertainment Tonight’, he joked: “I’m fine with my son growing up. It’s my daughter that I have a problem with. I mean, shotgun’s loaded.”

Nick says it’s amazing to watch them with their brother, “They love it. We get to spend every holiday together. Golden just took his first steps, and they were there helping him walk.

“It’s cool to see 7-year-olds approaching a one-and-a-half-year-old and how they’re taking on that big brother and sister role.”

Although, Mariah has been de along with turmoil against rumors of abnormal behavior and sexual harassment, she isn’t letting it effect her family life with Nick and the twins. Both parents are fully committed to raising the kids together, and giving them the best life.


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