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    Mark Ruffalo on Popping Channing Tatum’s Ear While Filming Foxcatcher – The Music news

    Mark Ruffalo recalled the moment he accidentally popped Channing Tatum‘s eardrum while filming 2014’s Foxcatcher together.

    The Poor Things actor appeared on the latest episode of Hot Ones, where he told host Sean Evans that the Magic Mike star “did ask me to slap the shit out of him.”

    Ruffalo quipped that “it was easy to do because he’d beaten the shit out of me so many times” since the co-stars had “like four months of wrestling, of learning how to wrestle together” for the film.

    The Bennett Miller-directed film explores the real-life story of wealthy heir John du Pont, who murdered U.S. Olympic wrestler Dave Schultz in 1996. Tatum and Ruffalo play brothers Mark and David Schultz, respectively, while Steve Carell plays John du Pont.

    Ruffalo explained that Tatum had “30 pounds on me so when it came time to smack the shit out of him, I was like, ‘Came from Alabama,’ and popped his co-stars’s eardrum in the process.

    Foxcatcher went on to score five Oscar nominations, including Carell for best leading actor, Ruffalo for best supporting actor, Miller for best achievement in directing, best original screenplay and best makeup and hairstyling.

    Later during his Hot Ones interview, Ruffalo shared what it was like being roommates with Joaquin Phoenix while they filmed 2007’s crime drama, Reservation Road.

    “He’s a great cook, and he turned me on to vegan cuisine and so he would cook all the time and he was a great roommate,” Ruffalo recalled. “He was a roommate who would be out and you’d get a text [saying] ‘you need anything? Need me to pick up anything?’ The place is clean, all the dishes were washed, he’s got a great sense of humor.’”

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