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    Marsai Martin and Kelly Rowland New Fantasy Football Flick

    Marsai Martin and Kelly Rowland are playing with balls … ok that was a joke, but true. the two producers teamed up together for a new Fantasy Football movie.

    The cast includes, Omari Hardwick, Marsai Martin, Kelly Rowland, Rome Flynn, and more.

    The Blackish family reunites in the movie, directed by Anton Cropper. The comedy depicts a 15-year-old girl who controls her football player dad via video gaming.

    Yes, Marsai plays the role of the daughter, Carmen Coleman. Omari Hardick plays the role of Bobby Coleman, the father. Kelly Rowland plays the mom, Keisha Coleman.

    The film is in its early stages. But is expected to drop this year. Last month, both Kelendria and Marsai shared an announcement looking for extras.

    “Ladies and gentlemen, this is big boss Marsai Martin. I am here so excited we are making a MOVIE (Kelly sangs).”

    “We’re making a movie. We are her at the Mercedes Benz stadium in Atlanta Georgia and we are just looking for some people who want to be a part of this wonderful experience,” Martin says.

    “Yes, some good-looking people, who want to be in this incredible movie. Ummm yes so please look at the details below,” Rowland stated.

    At that moment the football flies at them. The ‘Motivation’ singer and ‘Little’ Executive producer dropped the announcement on May 2nd.

    Filming began in April of 2022.

    The two women seem to be having fun. They recently dropped a comical TikTok to the tune of MTunes number one hit ‘Juicy Fruit’. Tik Tokers couldn’t get enough of it.

    One person said, “Everything I’ve ever needed in 15 seconds or less”.

    Another person wrote, “I’m sure the bloopers are hilarious”.

    And confirming how much we want to see this movie, another person commented saying, “The duo I never thought I needed”.

    Indeed they are.

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