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    Mary Lou Retton’s Family Raises $150k in 24 Hours as Gymnast Remains in ICU

    Mary Lou Retton’s family raised $150k in 24 hours as the former Olympic gymnast remains in the ICU battling a rare form of pneumonia, can exclusively reveal.

    In a promising development to come one day after Retton’s daughter, McKenna Kelley, announced that her former gymnast mother was in the ICU and unable to breathe on her own, Retton’s family raised $150k.

    The $150k raised by Retton’s family is $100k more than their $50k goal and will reportedly be used to pay the former Olympic gymnast’s mounting hospital bills.

    More than 100 donors contributed to the fundraiser launched by Retton’s daughter on Tuesday, and multiple donors contributed as much as $1,000 to the cause.

    Nearly 2,000 people also commented on the fundraising link to share their prayers and wish Retton, 55, a successful and speedy recovery.

    As previously reported, Retton’s daughter revealed that the gold medal winning Olympic gymnast was in the ICU and suffering from a rare form of pneumonia on Tuesday.

    Retton’s daughter revealed that her mother could not breathe on her own and asked for help in raising $50k for hospital bills because Retton is not insured.

    “Hey everyone! On behalf of my sisters and I, we need y’all’s help,” Retton’s daughter McKenna wrote.

    “My amazing mom, Mary Lou, has a very rare form of pneumonia and is fighting for her life. She is not able to breathe on her own,” McKenna continued. “She’s been in the ICU for over a week now. Out of respect for her and her privacy, I will not disclose all details. However, I will disclose that she not insured.”

    “We ask that if you could help in any way, that 1) you PRAY! and 2) if you could help us with finances for the hospital bill,” Retton’s daughter said. “ANYTHING, absolutely anything, would be so helpful for my family and my mom. Thank y’all so very much!”

    “I tell young people not let other people put limits on you; if you have a deep desire and passion for something and you BELIEVE in yourself, you can achieve it,” she continued.

    “You just be willing to make the sacrifices to make it happen.”

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